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Medical Device Technology and Consulting

Identifying and implementing new healthcare technologies on a global level has never been more important than it is right now. Surging international demand for new medical devices and technology is fueling the explosive growth of the medical device and technology industry. In addition, while complex global health factors play a critical role in product and services development, emerging technologies are also adding to the promise of tomorrow’s medical device and technology breakthroughs.

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Mastering Global Medical Device Implementation

Our extensive product, regulatory, and marketing experience provides comprehensive strategies for all of our clients, whether they are opening in a whole new sector or moving a new product into an established market. Our key strategic partnerships with domestic and overseas researchers have enabled us to provide a path for medical innovations to reach new markets, and our relationships provide an established foundation for finding the right market strategy for your innovation.

What we've done

We Identify the right partners for our clients’ goals.
  • Branding and launching innovative device technology in oncology that resulted in the successful acquisition of new technology.
  • Successfully worked through Russian
    regulatory process.
  • Negotiated international supply and distribution agreements resulting in transfer of new medical technology to Russia and Eastern Europe.
  • Negotiated the FDA regulatory environment successfully, completing the 510(k), IND and PMA processes. Implemented Quality Systems which were successfully audited by the FDA.
  • Successfully applied and received CE marks on multiple products.
  • Implemented successful clinical trials to support the development and acceptance of diverse technologies.
  • Developed key market and product strategies that have resulted in expansion of international markets and the increased effectiveness of sales teams.
  • Facilitated successful technology partnerships, expanding markets for innovative products.


What We Can Do For You

As an industry leader in the medical device and medical technology field, we share our wealth of knowledge with clients around the world and have facilitated agreements to move desperately needed new technologies into emerging markets.

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International Negotiations


Regulatory Guidance


Marketing Strategies


Leverage Our Connections

We Bring Innovations to Market Worldwide

The professionals at Medvio present a practical approach to bring your medical device or technological innovation to market. We will help you identify the right partners for your goals, and develop sound strategies based on our experienced market assessments and targeted support services as you complete your product development cycle.

In a complicated world, Medvio can make targeted connections and leverage our experiences and relationships to bring your innovation or product to market as quickly and cleanly as possible.

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